Intermountain Smiles

Intermountain Smiles

Smile Simulator

We are excited to help you achieve a happy, healthy smile, and seeing what the results could look like beforehand is one of the first steps we take. Please enter your information and upload a closeup headshot with a camera in good lighting that shows your smile clearly. Dr.  Young will send you a customized video highlighting the possibilities for a new smile. Once you’ve had a chance to review it, you’ll be able to schedule an in-person consultation to discuss any additional questions you may have.

Please upload 2 photos in good lighting and a neutral background. It CAN'T be a selfie; someone else needs to be holding the camera so it's even with your face and STRAIGHT on (don't tip or turn your head). The un-cropped photos should be from your neck to just above their head. One photo is a relaxed face (no smiling). The second photo is a really good happy smile.

Please share a 15-20 second close-up video (lower half of their face only) of yourself talking. You can tell a story, a little about yourself, why you want a new smile, etc. This helps me see the interaction of your teeth in motion, not just a static photo.

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